Police hunt for racist mailing letters of hate

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A vile racist who has sent dozens of sickening hate mail letters is being hunted by police.
Most of the 57 handwritten rants – some containing offensive cartoon-like drawings and sexually explicit abuse – were posted from Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.
Forensic linguistics specialists who have examined the words and handwriting believe the letter-writer is an older woman local to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
The pro-England perpetrator's targets include schools, GP surgeries, hospitals, mosques, universities, private addresses all over the country and even prime minister Gordon Brown's constituency office in Fife.
Letters were sent between January 2007 and July 2009 – the last being posted to a private address in Havant.
The letters use highly inflammatory racial terms aimed at Asians, black people and Scots.
Among the victims is Jan Fleming, headteacher of Somers Park Primary School in Somers Road, Somers Town, who received a letter in March.
She said: 'I was horrified when I saw it because it was so racially and sexually explicit. I was very concerned. The tone of it suggests the person who wrote it is not mentally well.
'I called the police who came quickly and took away the original letter. I also contacted the local education authority.
'We have got a high percentage of children who have English as a second language – 26 per cent. That's not the highest in Portsmouth, but we do have children here who speak 13 different languages.
'Staff initially thought it was a joke, that it was too obscene to be taken seriously. But when I looked at the letter closely it was revolting.
'I was immediately concerned for the safety of the children. It raised fears about whether this person would come to the school. 'Fortunately that hasn't happened. We are very careful about who visits the school, but we carried out additional checks to make sure our security was tight.'
Hampshire Constabulary launched Operation Heron in January after realising the letters were linked.
They enlisted the National Domestic Extremism Team and Forensic Science Service and DNA tests have linked the letters to one person. However the suspect is not logged on the National DNA Database.
Detective inspector Donna Goff said: 'So far during the investigation, we have taken hundreds of statements and the Forensic Science Service has examined hundreds of articles for fingerprints and DNA. continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: Lets hope you use as many resources tracking down the many rapists and sexual predators, many of which are non-indigenous, who plague our country ,perhaps afterwards you can police the streets correctly and protect our citizens, rather than enforcing a political agenda nobody asked for, then again maybe there’s a flying pig…

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