Heavily pregnant woman raped in her own home by gang of burglars armed with sawn-off shotgun

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A heavily pregnant woman was raped at gunpoint in her bedroom by a gang of armed burglars who broke into her home.

The 33-year-old victim, who was seven months' pregnant, was watching TV with her boyfriend when the balaclava-clad men forced their way into their North London home.

Her 39-year-old boyfriend was threatened and hit around the head with the butt of a sawn-off shotgun as they demanded the keys to their Audi TT which was parked outside.

The woman was then grabbed and forced upstairs by one of the attackers and forced to perform a sex act on him which police have described as 'oral rape'.

He threatened to shoot the couple unless she did what he said.

Speaking for the first time about the rape, the victim said: 'I just wanted to protect my baby. I was absolutely terrified and being so late in the pregnancy I didn't want to get into a fight where they might hurt me or my baby.

'He (the rapist) said it was my lucky day.'

Her boyfriend added: 'I pleaded, I was shouting, "She's pregnant, she's pregnant, leave off her, tell me what you want".'

The men took the couple's grey Audi TT and other items including an iPod, cash, debit cards and a laptop from their Finsbury Park home on May 14 last year.

The car was found abandoned two days later in Portland Road, near Seven Sisters Underground station.

'Concerns for the unborn baby can only have exacerbated what was already an emotionally and physically traumatic experience.'

He added: 'Allegiances may have changed over the last 14 months and we would urge anyone with information to contact us.

'There is a reward on offer of up to £20,000 and I hope there are people out there who are prepared to do the right thing and tell us what they know.

'Do you know the men who did this? Do you remember hearing anyone boasting about stealing an Audi TT around this time? We would like to hear from you.'

The couple are still haunted by the attack.

The female victim said: 'Everything that you believe to be safe is no longer safe. You can't walk into the bedroom and feel relaxed because you remember that someone was in there who wasn't supposed to be there.'

The couple had been watching TV when they heard a noise outside at around 10.30pm. The boyfriend opened the front door to see what was going on.

He saw the three men, all wearing balaclavas and scarves, at the end of the path and tried to shut the front door but the men forced their way inside and shoved him to the ground.

The suspect who carried out the sexual assault is described as black, 6ft, aged 18 to 25 and stocky.

He wore a black balaclava, black jacket, black tracksuit bottoms and black shoes.

A second man was black or Asian, 5ft 6in and about 18.

He wore light grey tracksuit bottoms, black trainers and a zip-up jacket with red sleeves.

The third suspect, who had the gun was black, 5ft 10in, and aged between 18 and 22. He was wearing burgundy tracksuit bottoms.

Police said they were keen to trace the men if only to eliminate them from their inquiries.

DI Pack said he believes the men who carried out the attack either live locally or have links to the area.

He added: 'They clearly felt comfortable committing a crime at the top end of the scale which suggests they know the area. continues here

Editorial : So when are you going to stop this, you traitors in parliament, you who have not a care for the indigenous people of this country, how much more must we take ,how much more of your dammed experiment must you force upon us. We had a fine country once, a decent country, look what you have made for us, rape so common no-one bats an eye, murder daily and violence master of all he surveys. Your experiment is evil, truly evil and it is you with blood upon your hands, you that caused this, each and every one of you that force your agenda down the throats of the people.

Understand this, it has been some time, some time since you imported them here, since you decided that our way of life, lived since the very beginning, must change, yet still they are not wanted, still they can never be European and still they prey upon us whilst you police only our thoughts, I very much hope that one day the people of this country rise against this evil and justice returns again to the peoples side.

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