Britain facing threat of terror attacks from neo-Nazi 'lone wolf' figures

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Britain faces a growing threat from violent right-wing extremists operating as 'lone wolves', the country's most senior anti-terror officer said today.

Assistant Commissioner John Yates said more resources had been targeted at neo-Nazis because of fears of attacks and warned of bombers operating alone and without an organised network behind them.

Mr Yates told the Commons Home Affairs Committee: 'What we have seen in recent years is a growth around some of the far-right extremism movements.

'Mostly they tend to be less organised, you tend to see the concept of the lone wolf.

'There have been several manifestations of that in past months and several arrests.

'That is something we take extremely seriously and we make sure we balance our resources to deal with that threat.'

His response came to a question from Labour MP David Winnick who asked him about racist and fascist groups who turned to violence.

This summer the so-called 'Bedroom Bomber', Neil Lewington from Reading, was convicted of planning a racist terror campaign on the streets of Britain.

The Old Bailey heard he wanted to emulate his far-right heroes, Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and Soho nail bomber David Copeland.

His plotting was uncovered by chance when he was arrested for drunkenly abusing a train conductor and officers found he was carrying bomb parts.

Officers in West Yorkshire recently foiled an international plot to put guns and explosives in the hands of violent bigots in Britain.

At least 32 people were quizzed and 22 addresses searched across the North of England in April and May. continues here

Editorial : You see the call to monitor the right is merely an endeavour to placate the Islamic community ,themselves targeted by the state and therefore by proxy internationalists, we must remember at all times that internationalists attack the east now, having achieved somewhat of a victory here at home in the west. Yet the large and growing Islamic community is a very real threat both in a physical sense and indeed politically, therefore a “hearts and minds” initiative has been launched and who better to target, to allay non-white fears than the supposed evil right, the nationalist community.

Certainly non-whites have been breed upon a diet of leftist propaganda, fed lies about whites until they are prone to believe anything, yet nationalists merely desire freedom for their country, an end to endless immigration, the destruction of supranationalism and a curb upon mammon’s power. Yet nationalism presents as a threat should it succeed, it has very little power to defend itself and there are few non-nationalists who would defend it in an unbiased fashion, therefore it makes a convenient bogyman. Non-whites will eat it up, will take leave of their senses and submit to an equally erroneous fiction, as do most whites concerning Islam, both ideologies presenting little or no threat to internationalist ambition ,although it has to be said, Islam currently, can place more in the way of the juggernaut, than can western nationalism.

Within nationalism there are many types as there are within all ideologies, there are those who wish to confront the enemy and those that wish to play politics, yet in the main most within nationalism desire peace, desire parity, desire their rights, egalitarians, liberals and leftists deny such a right and therefore a minority of individuals within nationalism attack the system. Yet the system, is impervious to such attacks ,as indeed it is to Islam’s endeavours, I mean lets face it, an attack upon a soft target means invariably an attack upon a people without a voice and those that detrimentally change things remain completely safe, unaffected and pursue their agenda relentlessly ,what does it matter a bomb attack in London, what does it matter, as it is all propaganda to coerce the people, to impel them to accept ever tighter restrictive laws and in the very final analysis, those in ivory towers are, at least for now, untouchable, it is we, we upon the street that suffer.

Yet this drive to connect the right to terrorism is really quite worrying, more especially given the states capacity to stage events, it is worth taking on board the very really prospect of state action in order to justify anti-nationalist action, after all such an action would curtail nationalist advancement at the polls and again place leftists in favour amongst most of the non-white community, watch this space…

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