Resources diverted to fight against right wing terrorists

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Has oppostion to Islam encouraged right wing extremists? 

They won’t say it, they can’t say it, but within Scotland Yard there is a quiet annoyance that in the middle of their fight against Islamic extremists they are now facing a threat from right wing terrorists.

As always the police get caught in the middle, but if a bomb went off in a largely Asian area in the style of David Copeland, the Soho nail bomber, the outrage could be irreparable.

In the absence of help from many local schools and local authorities, police forces across the country have made huge strides in building bridges in Asian communities that have learnt to be self-sufficient and self-governing over many years.

Historically faced by a wall of silence in communities such as Beeston in Leeds, the home of the July 7 bombers, they were amazed last year when a mosque in Bristol came to tell them about the chemical burns on the hands of Andrew Ibrahim, who was later jailed for life for planning an attack on a shopping centre in the city.

A slow increase in trust is being replicated across the country as police forces take it upon themselves to explain that they have no role in Britain’s foreign policy, they simply want to keep everyone safe.

In one exercise, Muslim community leaders are encouraged to put themselves in the position of a control room police officer dealing with a major terrorist incident.

How ironic then, if that incident should turn out to be from one of the right-wing misfits who see violence as the answer to the problem of Islamic extremism, instead of the slow build-up of trust.

Strangely in a world in which showbusiness and reality television seem to dominate, we are in a war of ideologies.

Al-Qaeda would like the Muslim community to believe they are downtrodden and humiliated and the only way to right such wrongs is to fight back with random attacks against innocent civilians.

The narrative of the neo-Nazi, the white supremacist and many members of the BNP, is that Islam is a religion of war and aggression.

To be certain there are passages in the Koran which, like the Old Testament, are blood curdling, but to suggest anyone who follows Islam secretly wants to overturn our very way of life is simply nonsense.

If the argument stopped there, we could hope that truth would win out, unfortunately in bedrooms across the country, middle aged men are plotting a futile revenge.

In September Neil Lewington, 43, an unemployed alcoholic who lived at home with his parents in Reading, Berkshire, was sentenced to life in prison for planning a terrorist campaign using bombs in hollowed out tennis balls.

Lewington was carrying two homemade devices when he was arrested by chance after insulting a female train conductor and urinating on a platform in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

In June, Martyn Gilleard, 31, a forklift truck driver from Goole, East Yorkshire was jailed for 16 years after four nail bombs were found under his five-year-old son’s bed.

Four bombs capable of causing an explosion similar to a hand grenade were discovered along with an armoury of gun powder, fuses, live bullets, swords, axes, knives and a bayonet as well as internet material on how to poison people and make bombs. continues here

Editorial :
The rhetoric of the state is of late really rather worrying, are they planning something, are plans afoot to run an operation aimed at undermining support for the right and enabling the state to go after nationalists in a more overt manner. Certainly there is mounting evidence that they are targeting the nationalist community, we truly live in interesting times…

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