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Centenarians robbed by tricksters

Two centenarian sisters have been robbed at their home by a gang posing as water company officials.

Alice and Annie Horsman, who are 100 and 106, were targeted by two men and a woman at their home in Rochdale, Lancashire.

The thieves said they needed to test the water, pushed their way in and stole a large amount of cash from the living room.

The trio fled and 100-year-old Alice chased them but fell and hurt her head.
They've had a bad shock but they're all right
Margaret Wild, niece

She suffered minor injuries in the incident on Thursday at 1240 GMT, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said.

The sisters' niece, Margaret Wild, said: "They've had a bad shock but they're all right.

"They want to make others aware so people can be on their guard."

Pc Mark Challender said: "Words cannot describe how heinous and despicable this crime was......Article conts (-)

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