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Dam it’s hard sometimes, it takes it’s toll ,whilst everyone or most capitulates, lowers standards or succumbs to egalitarian madness, most no longer care, no longer hold out, no longer place the whole above ego. I am chained to my beliefs, held fast by conviction, a despised valuer of Caucasoid genes, for me they must be saved, must be plucked from the abyss, even as a great weight pulls us down. 

I always knew I was different, always recognised that race held meaning, always realised, that I had no choice but to contest the bully, fight unfairness and challenge injurious doctrine. Yet in this world, or at least this continent, it is easier to kneel to corruption, bow to greed and embrace genetic distress, far easier to make a path for egalitarianism and wave on the pernicious left. 

To fight them, in whatever way, leads only to sorrow only to hurt, oh not the physical kind, yet physical hurt is not real hurt, not when placed in comparison, there is perhaps no greater hurt, than watching your people die, watching them make merry, throw roses in deaths path and fiddle whilst we burn. As a nationalist I experience many emotions, emotions often at variance, at one time anger, another sorrow and the worst sentiment, let them have their fate, they deserve it, a witness to a crime not wishing now to interfere. 

Do you know, you are already dead, already history and should nationalism fade, you have then no defender, much as we are derided creatures, loathed creatures, of the shadows ,existing they would say outside the group, we are the groups only defender, without us and even seemingly with us they have you. You are easy prey, never before have we been so easy, so very stupid and so very doomed, times past these laws would reach no house, be passed by none, be they lord or not. 

Now though, the white man crawls upon his belly, prostrates himself for all to laugh, exposes his belly for all to exploit, no longer a proud creature, no longer a worthy and some would say unbeatable adversary, now half the man of just a generation ago today, the real men have rheumy eyes, shaky hands and no strength, they leave this earth and we are truly bereft. 

We are lesser then lesser still, soon we will be not worthy of saving, not worth effort, just a millstone around the neck of the world, no other creature strokes the undisguised predator, holds death so tight and makes enemies of saviours. In nature we are truly unique, for we build up our predator, make it equal and give it greater legs, then we sit back and watch it eat us; consume us, slowly and with relish. 

We polish the teeth of the crocodile even as it chews our leg; preen the feathers of the cuckoo even as it replaces our young and place the gun at our own temple; we are in this age, our own worse enemy. It seems that they can play football with our culture and we do nothing, they can spit upon our history and we hardly stir, finally they can eradicate our kind and we smile as fools. 

There seems little point at this point in our history, in relating our history, in any case we are undeserving of such a history, such a past, the people that made the world and we did, even they can not take that away from us, although before we die they may. Yes we created it all, such a waste but to give it all away, to hand it over, not to our children but to the children of others so that our children, have nothing. 

Such a sorry state and so avoidable, so unnecessary, so foolhardy, as if we evolve backwards, as if dysgenics has grip, we lose our minds before then our countries, both lost some while before we lose our lives. A people that make laws to gain other people, yet injure themselves, that permit treachery to rule and the alien have say, such a people cannot survive cannot even hope to and mother nature is beyond caring. 

There are so many threats to our way of life, so many cuts to our body, if I asked you to pick one, what would you say, the left, the Jew, the Asian, the negro, all of them merely the foreigner. Perhaps you would play clever and suggest apathy, the indifference of one white man towards another, maybe greed, the all powerful mammon; certainly its bearing is great. Selfishness perhaps, concern for self above all else, now we hit the mark, yet it is a stew, a real mix, a concoction of ungodly elements fed to the body politic to kill it off. 

Quite simply to stop amalgamation, one merely has not to amalgamate, not to mix, not to become a mere ingredient, I can almost but not quite, hear the intake of breathe, the ethereal hush, the chorus of disapproval. “We are all the same”, do you believe that, do you, or do you merely follow the crowd, eschew controversy and duck the bombardment. 

I started this post, this ramble, in a personal manner, relating or should I say releasing some of me, I feel I should continue, as a younger man I held the same convictions, they were and are natural to me, of course I had no name to call them, no tag to give, I merely respected who I was and where I came from. I remember quite vividly ending a relationship because my partner had previously had relations with a non-white. 

I remember that many of my friends “fancied her”, for myself I never looked back, it seems at least for me that my beliefs impact my personal life, less than two years ago my partner and I broke up, because I would not give up my beliefs, would not place my personal life before them. For me politics and personal are inextricably linked, given that I have children and it is for their world I fight, not mine, my children have the right to live as their ancestors have done, amongst their own in freedom. 

Yet it is hard, recently I met a lady and there was and is that connection, that rapport, that strange although quite natural link, in such situations, a man notices things in a much more intricate way, the flicker of a smile, the light of the eyes, the body language, all of it attractions delicate dance. It is almost a play, a theatrical piece, each assigned a role leading to a common conclusion it would seem that, jokes are funnier, life stories more interesting and attraction a constant sun. 

It is nature at its most elemental, at its most powerful, for a man it is a clean attraction, an attraction without lust at least licentious lust, instead attraction becomes more defined everything is noticed, taken in and wanted. It helps it works both ways, although I cannot know the female mind, in such situations mutual attraction is recognised, attraction it is, two magnets vying with gravity, pulled together by an gossamer bond. 

For a nationalist fortune smiles less and fate is full of surprises, I suppose I knew, her knowledge of an alien subject gave it away, yet now in this multicultural morass we all know a little something, all have exotic knowledge our ancestors did not. So misgivings were put aside, I swallowed instinct and gripped hope, it was a colleague who told me, in passing mind, a workmate that cut that gossamer bond, or at least loosened it, “don’t say anything but….” he hissed.

I nodded sagely, part now of the plot, a holder now of forbidden knowledge, I know now of course that confidences are not kept in that quarter, I also know that this flirtatious dance leads nowhere, at least not where it could. I wondered how I would react, now that I knew for sure, now that my fears had been realised, would she know, would she sense, I dreaded seeing her at work, dreaded injuring her feelings, dreaded seeing her, instead of looking forward to it, as I had so often before. 

She came in and the attraction was still there, still Mother Nature plied her trade, yet I blocked every signal, resisted every lure, mentally edging myself away, building quite consciously a wall. My eyes feasted on attraction whilst my mind gnawed at its bonds, there will be no conclusion, no end, no relationship, I cannot, you see, the lady in question hasn’t the package I require, the lady in question can never be a nationalist can never understand the struggle, we stand at opposite sides of a chasm, she au fait with miscegenation and I not. 

So it is hard, sometimes, when others fall, at times though a nationalist can never pick them up, miscegenation, such a strange word, rolling off the tongue quite weirdly, yet it is better than race-mixer or other names, it is even more correct to leave them where they fall. It is considered politically incorrect in extremis, to disparage miscegenation, to state as I do that it is wrong, yet this habit, this predilection will be the death of us and presents as our gravest threat. 14

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