It didn't mean that Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians had to be there

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I wasn’t going to write, I have little time, what with work commitments, leaving me little time for a personal life, there are of course other reasons, my disgust at what passes for nationalism in this country, the abject depression realisation of our circumstance engenders within me and the recognition that perhaps the game is over. Unlike the new wave of nationalism sweeping its way, “It says” across this nation, I embrace race, I hold fast to what I am which in turn allows me to comprehend difference, to appreciate natures wonder just a little bit more.

I am to coin a phrase, a racialist, many reading this have been taught to react with horror, at the very notion of race, whilst I pay no heed to the “shaping” of minds and carry on independently. I suppose that an independent mind is the only freedom left, certainly all other facets of the human condition are “shaped” by exterior forces, yet for all my conceit pertaining to my independence, I am less free than the ignorant, that “can’t be bothered” majority, that have allowed our kind to die. Such people live in absolute bliss, yes they may avoid certain “dangerous” areas, demur residing in certain parts of town but for all that they are free.

I myself live with multiculturalism on a daily basis and I have had to, defend myself and others physically due to it quite often, of course large conurbations hold within them all sorts of dangers, not all of which reside within non-white communities, many whites prey upon or commit anti-group behaviours. Yet it is the abject underlying hate, instilled within non-whites by leftists that augments conflict, the same can be said pertaining to “the troubles”, a case again where perceived grievances are stoked by a terrible hand.

For totalitarianism to step in chaos must be a precursor, turmoil is always a harbinger of abject evil, yet true evil can never approach unmasked due to the risk of rejection, so it must scheme a scheme for the people to welcome the protector, the saviour. Despotism cannot arrive unless drenched in blood, soaked in the people’s pain, community set against community, individual against individual, amongst the warring throng the lefts imps play, sowing their seeds of duplicity, their sand to blur the vision.

If one were to look back, not really so very far, it is easy to see the left, these worker-ants for the malign, buzzing as bees from one organisation to the next, from one community to the other, making honey from misery. It is easy to, to glimpse the people, to read of their mighty lurch for freedom, to stand as a witness to the failure of leftist ideology, long ago before now, it was we, nothing else or very little, the left had only the worker to lie to, only the workers ear to whisper a scheme.

Oh and the worker listened, anger stirred, feet marched and blood ran, bourgeoisie hid in vain and evil came, the proletariat, as they called them, workers to me and you found no freedom, they built roads ,canals and concentration camps, many starved, cannibalism was rife and the people cried out for freedom. Here the hammer and sickle was seen on the streets and the vain, the conceited and the stupid adhered, whilst the real believers schemed. I like many others awoke to the danger, it was somewhat instinctive, it was as if it were natural to me, to contest them, to stand between them and the people, to contest their plans as god help me I still do, in these the worst of times.

I have lost much in this struggle, battled so hard, yet seemingly all for naught, still the left hold sway and the right runs in disarray or follow false doctrine, so I am left and I know some are to, to wander in the desert, to exist outside, hated by some, rejected by all. Yet I do not mind, physical attack has not cowed me nor indeed mental, it is only the direction of my people that assails the spirit, I can shake off the lies of the left, like sand on a towel, I can watch the fall of the right from my position but I suffer immensely, as my people embrace their extinction, grasp tight deaths skeletal hand and run gleefully with him to board his boat, to cross the river.

So that dear reader is why I infrequently write, why this weblog fails, quite simply because I am disheartened, I witness our doom and I am helpless, some will say leaflet, canvass, buy a T-shirt, attend a concert, yet that is all just a game, just a final show as the ship goes down. If anything we must look to the shipyards of Gdansk, we must take to the streets, the one place the people can see us, hear us, what good a leaflet, what good a vote, when the race is fixed, the winner chosen, so much time spend on the useless, whilst we expire.

I joined the BNP, it was not for me, moreover, it was not for the people, still today I receive their damned letters, their leaflets, each one a request to part with money, this as hardship shadows me and creditors knock my door. Yet for all that, they do nothing, say nothing, change nothing they have stout defenders though, individuals either blind or overriding doubt, in their desperation for survival, climbing onto any vessel to escape the treacherous sea. Perhaps they should really take a look, forget those obvious set-ups that would attack the BNP regardless of direction but perhaps they should look at their party’s direction, study it and make up their mind.

There can, to my mind, be no doubt, that certain so-called nationalists, attack the BNP just because, whereas there is a vast ocean of others, who seriously question direction, motivation, goal strategy and much more, simply because it is wrong. As I write this, we are as good as dead, we are a lost species, dodos, a subject for classroom discussion in ages to come, yet we stand idle, supporting an organisation that simply cannot deliver us. Good god if Lech Walesa had adopted BNP strategy, then Communism would still bestride Europe, still menace at our gates, rather than warping into its current guise each and all with common purpose.

Communism, Marxism, leftist thought, call it what you will, it is still with us, only it hides, it has mutated as it can, yet still it strives to enslave the people, still it desires control, above I talked of the left, how their evil little imps dance within society, delighting the stupid and marshalling the gullible, leading all to misery. Yet the left have learned, they realise that the worker will never completely kneel to them. Never completely acquiesce, never completely permit tyranny to reign, so they looked for other routes, other ways, what if they destroyed the working man, what if industry were laid waste, if homogeneity were diluted, never again would a cohesive uniform front emerge to thwart their plans, however, it is one thing altering society, destroying all unifying structures, incorporating the concept of self above that of all, however, even an altered people will resist overt oppression, so plans were hatched, lines redrawn and the left sneaked in.

Under cover of understandable grievance they plied their trade, imps danced and fools joined, soon it was incorrect to say this, behave like that, defend this or contest that, soon intellectual tyranny replaced commonsense, soon all knelt to this new correctness, this enforced set of behaviour systems. Gone workplace banter, gone friendly jokes between the races, gone the comedienne enter the trainer, now society has a correct way of functioning, “isn’t that so much better, the ways of your ancestors for millennia were wrong, let us show you the way”, and they did. Now children’s books are evil whilst “shaping” books are not, our history is imperialistic whilst leftism is not, so for our own good, they tell us who to live with, what to eat, what to watch, read, like and dislike, what to wear and how, what gadgets, possessions we must own, how to talk, on and on and so forth and we buy in.

We throw away the golliwog and buy Bratz, we complain when stuffed toys are not as brown as that depicted in a pre-school programme, whilst buying clothes that sexualise our young girls, we watch television instead of looking through the window and really seeing what the world has become, we, we, we, never us, never the group, always self. Our society is so cut-off, so isolationist, that we exist at virtually all times in our own world, we are so inept at interaction that we prefer the television or the Robinson Crusoe effect, created by the wearing of ear-phones in public. We have created so many different factions, communities and groups through enforced intermixture, that society cannot function freely, we exist in a world of mutual distrust, conflict and peril.

That is the chaos, the turmoil, the danger, if society were a cake, then it has been so divided as to be unrecognisable as a cake, moreover, if, as has been managed, society can be divided upon so many levels, if individuals can look only to self-interest, if then they can be isolated, then “shaping” is all the easier, the battle almost won. This then is a splendid victory, a rout, we are fleeing, running before them and they pick us off alone, they have learnt you see, honed their skill, hidden their intent, it is too late now, instead of an army upon the horizon, they to divided, they hid amongst the various institutions of society, “shaping” from within, there could be no warning, for all of us, we who warned , who cried the alarm, what were we but hated nationalists, ignored, disparaged and smeared.

We only wished to maintain society, to continue in freedom, proud of who and what we were, you never listened, never heeded, merely jeered, jostled and danced, now within two generations white is history, gone, finished, perhaps never to return, maybe with the advances made in science, they can raise us up again, a Lazarus for comic purpose, a dancer in an alien court. I see no victory for us, we the last of the whites, the fathers of our own demise, the last generation who could make a difference; we follow a false goal, battle the wrong foe and fail our own children. Perhaps we deserve it, this holocaust, this massacre, this end, perhaps it is simply our time, perhaps, such an ambiguous word, even in utterance it conjures chance, it raises the possibility, holds out hope, yet if we do not come out of our houses soon, leave our televisions then chance is gone, blown away by histories breath.

You know I am shouting, ranting, beseeching, do any hear, do any care, should I create a football site, more would come, in droves, comments left and common cause, yet not for survival, not for us or those to come. “Get out of the road!!” Watch the train!!” , Keep your head down!!”, what warning will you heed, what warning will you listen to, what must be said to give you pause, “They are killing us off!!”, is that enough, does that penetrate, resonate, grab your attention, draw you away from possessions, from self, perhaps.

As I stated above I am a racialist, a recogniser of difference, this is as far removed from hate as is the sun from my pocket, as a racialist I realise and recognise, that in order for continuance of all races, creeds and cultures intermixture is injurious, damaging. How this can be twisted into hate I fail to see, given that I respect all races and creeds, where I conflict I expect is at the territorial level, the real level, rather than the superficial meanderings of egalitarians. In order for all races, cultures and creeds to exist, they must as best as possible exist in a clearly defined territorial area, Mother Nature herself has set the boundaries, who then are we to change them and not only change them but persist even as we see our mistake.

In dabbling with mother natures design, we create destruction nothing more, strangely, the very people with the power to change the scenario, are the very people destined for destruction, whites, yet we, as if with Stockholm syndrome, defend our destroyers. I refer the reader to a Guardian article both here and here, the first entitled “Revealed: the rise of mixed-race Britain” the second, “21st-century Britons are no longer either black or white”. Article one begins with,
“One in 10 children in the UK now lives in a mixed-race family, a major study reveals today, raising future hopes of a non-racist Britain.”
now what this means is that, in the future there will be no whites to object, no whites left at all.

It then goes on to say,
“Mixed-race relationships are now so common that some ethnic groups - starting with African-Caribbean - will virtually disappear, the research states”,
this is cleverly worded, to the casual reader it means that Afro-Caribbean’s will die out, yet in practice Afro-Caribbean’s will still exist in countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and so on, you get the drift, whites on the other hand will have been totally replaced, eradicated. Trevor Phillips was said to, “celebrate" the study's findings, but warn that there is still much to be fought for. Imagine that, celebrating the findings, those findings being the end of whites in the UK, now I ask you, what does the Equality and Human Rights Commission, represent if not an anti-white organisation, a formation working joyously towards white eradication.

Now returning to the article, a spokeswoman had this to say,”
"We need to be alert to tensions within communities that may be exacerbated by economic downturn and to remain vigilant against discrimination and divisiveness - particularly across boundaries of faith."
Now tell me, is not the greatest discrimination the genocide of a race, the killing off of a population group and is not discrimination, the formation of a group, that not only has a chairman that welcomes such result but acts against the endangered communities interests. Now turning to the second article we see the commission again, this time hailing “the findings as evidence of the success of multicultural Britain, but says that there is more to be done”, what results are they hailing, why the fact that,
“young people are now six times as likely to be mixed-race as adults and the rate is increasing by the year”.

And they said they only came to work, to aid, to assist and that there wouldn’t be many, now we see, our end, because of it, the argument given is that they came to do the jobs we wouldn’t do, exactly the same argument now used against the poor Irish, now inundated by strangers, whilst so-called nationalist politicians call for more. Back to the article, the author of the report one Lucinda Platt, had this to say,
"There has been a dramatic shift over 10 years. What we mean when we talk about minority groups is changing.”

,yes I should imagine it is and its heading inexorably our way.

Currently Caribbean’s feel under threat, although as I noted above they still have their homeland, the writer of Elmina's Kitchen, one Kwame Kwei-Armah had this to say,
It's happening, it's going to happen, there is in my mind nothing that anyone can do about it. I lament it. I love Caribbean culture, it is my own.

"My plays come out of that sensibility and the language of it. It is everything I know as a child. Very few of the young people now actually have any real connection to the Caribbean apart from their ethnicity and notions of a Jamaican underclass. That in one respect is a big tragedy in itself."

Kwei-Armah continued: "One has no problem with black and white relationships at all. One has an issue with the statistic that shows a community that finds itself in a position of self-destruction and has not thus far shown the need to fight against that.

"An example would be, when we look at most of the Premier League footballers who are black, the overwhelming majority of them have white partners. The signals that it sends to my daughter is, 'When you're successful, you date outside your community, yet when you're not successful you date in.' You're only good for the bad end of it. What psychological effect is that having?"

Now as a racialist I feel for his community, ripped from their country by economic need, their young indoctrinated just as ours, by the media and other “shaping” organs and finally the loss of culture and race. I differ on his having” no problem with black and white relationships”, although I believe even he as a non-white individual is scared to voice truth, yet for all that he speaks the truth. Ironically his feelings of loss, sadness and inevitability have been felt by the white indigenous peoples of these isles for some time. The businessman Kenneth Olisa had this to say,
"It is a question of culture rather than race. There is no reason why people shouldn't continue to learn about Caribbean culture for generations to come. When I was at school, I studied Greek, Roman and Phoenician culture and it didn't mean that Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians had to be there."
, doesn’t that say it all, sum it up. 14

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2 Responses to "It didn't mean that Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians had to be there"
Anonymous said...
26 February 2009 at 16:54

Three things. First, there are few things less significant to the moral, intelectual and social stature of a person than their race. Second, while race an culture are obviously correlated, they are not the same thing. Third, you're right. Nothing is more certain than that change (racial, cultural, geological astronomical) happens, is happening and will continue to happen. This is a truth worth understanding and accepting.

Bill said...
20 March 2009 at 03:15

A stupid reply race matters an makes culture change happens but this is forced on us

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