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You expect in a way to change the world, at least I did, well, not perhaps the world but at least some minds, I thought that if perhaps I could elucidate the truth that is nationalism, if I could convey racial realism rather than racial hate then perhaps individuals could follow their nose, could if you will, begin their own very personal journey towards true understanding. I was almost evangelical in my zeal, “somewhat understandable, given my childhood wish to be a man of the cloth”, although perhaps that tale is for another time, in any event I wished to crash through apathy, cut a swath through duplicity and lead others to the realisation, of the very real peril, that stalks our civilisation and seeks to consign our race to mere memory, if even that.  

I believed that in writing truth would out, to many this may seem naive, yet it is not the first time and it would be a wonder indeed, if such overblown notions were not to happen again, except in a different context, certainly such ideas lead only to trouble or at least to despondency, I remember vividly all these years later my run towards the flag, my race towards sadness, my gallop towards comprehension. Oh they would have nothing of us now we skinheads, we young men caught up in fashion and girls, so proud to be British, we wore the flag with pride, half inch turn ups at the weekend and at school, trousers just below the knee. 

We drew union jacks on our school books, our bags and in some cases our bedroom walls, I loved my MA1 whilst others the Harrington or crombie, back then of course politics had no meaning we loved the flag because it was us, because we were British and we were dam proud of it, there was a dividing line, a line there even to this day, a line based on race. Then of course they were not known as “wiggers” but “rudeboys” and between them and us there was a lot of difference, we were not to know the scheming that occurred to promote alien elements above the indigenous, until some years later. 

We were just kids really but we were hated, loathed, despised, “we still are”, even the right used us, “now they just throw us away, call us Nazi’s, fascists or worse, back then of course childhood still called us, soccer over the park, jumpers for goalposts, tracking, yet always the Saturday trip into town. Strangely all of this still happens, at least here, it may be that here, in my little part of this country, tradition carries, yet I believe that such behaviours are innate to the teenager, here though it is not our town anymore, here there is danger, threat, menace. 

It is hard to convey what they have done, what they are still doing and we, all of us, can never understand why, this then is the nature of this weblog, the reason, everything aside, it is a last shout, a last gulp of air, before I and those like me are lost to this place. Oh and we’re dying, one cannot help but see, cannot help but notice, its no longer even incremental as it used to be, before confidence leaped in the hearts of the destroyers and they opened the floodgates. Too late we were already gone, ha, we were dying already but we fooled you so you bombarded us, used cannon where only a sling-shot were needed. 

Now you’re sure, now we stagger and we are the alien, yet still many of our young make the pilgrimage to town, of course now they must keep to certain areas, most of town is not open to them, because of the danger, the threat, many parents refuse to let their children travel to town, refuse to offer them to the gods of chance, yet the young are young but once, circumstance will rein them in soon enough. Yet in my teenage years it was different, we could walk where we will, unperturbed, free, they had their areas of course, however, this place still belonged to its creators, still belonged to its people, things began to change later on. It was at that age that I began to know violence, began through no fault of my own, to become the thug, they call those like me, the chattering classes looked down their noses and then to, so did the middle class’s, even elements of the working class held similar attitudes. 

I and a few others had to travel through their areas, had to make our way home from school under difficult conditions or at least, they were to become so, I saw anti-white hatred first hand, before many, I lived it and living here, still do. It’s never fair, an attack has never the classiness depicted in movies, its always nasty, scary and heart pounding, predators never attack without confidence and confidence does not grow, without expectation of a result in their favour, this almost always means many assailants or the use of implements. This is now common knowledge amongst us all, now, in this place but then, I and those like me were deemed at fault and still to many are, yet the game is still the same and now my own children have to play it and that I can tell you, is far scarier then facing attack yourself. 

Yet to, my own son has been disallowed the pleasure of a carefree adolescence, prohibited the pleasure of being young, he to has had to harden, morph, become, simply to survive, in a place of aching danger, its not fair but who said it would be, who ever said, that those high up in towers of ivory, ever care for those they have to squint to see. Fairness doesn’t come into it, when in their view, “you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette” and we the countries back-bone are simply the eggs, simply a part of the over-all meal. 

So me and my fellow thugs had no future, Maggie had ripped apart the country, the right had fallen and there were no jobs for us, time had moved on and the wigger became fashionable, gone the flag, now the track-suit. Yet I and some of us thugs, ran as I say, towards the flag, it was as if it held a mystical attraction, as if we were merely living deposits of pride, in a country where pride was ebbing. Such fools we were, such naivety, such stupidity but off we went following that flag, off at a run to take the silver, believing then to, that we could change the world, a lie, a waste, just another way of using members of the despised class.  

Long lines of us have trodden that route, millions of us used by malicious elites, send to die for causes unworthy send to fight for nothing, it was all we had, not a job to be seen, not a career to embrace, we had nothing. It is as if they have targeted us, as if we of all must be broken ruined and finally destroyed and not a one will shed a tear, oh the middle-classes rally against Islam, now that it knocks at their door, they wring their hands and lament, whilst we already live in the world they fear, already exist in that awful place, gone for us England, gone for us Wales, gone for us Ireland and Scotland is no-more. 

Our country ended some time ago, its just taken you others time to catch up but you haven’t yet, you’ve yet to know, yet to experience, yet to die, yet to walk the streets your fathers did and see such change, yet to see year on year, the rise of an alien nation and the end of civilisation. In this place men grow scared of having daughters, least they pair against their blood or suffer if they do not, in this place old eyes radiate their sorrow as their owners hide in doors, in this place jobs are as gold and pound shops predominate. In this place, men have nothing and women less, in this place, the last remaining whites huddle together, on the fringes of this their once own city, as the invasion moves outwards, there is no stopping it, at least not here, postcodes fall like castles and the force moves on. 

What did we ever do, what crime did we commit, what offence did we make, for them to hate us, for them to kill us off so horribly, this is no benign plan, no event to celebrate, this is cold calculated murder, this is a holocaust, should I use such a word, for surely it belongs only to the Jews, only and always to them. Others must not be allowed to have the word and in any event the plight of whites is never mentioned, oh they may write articles, (some of which I link to) however, they never regard the coming event as wrong, we are never compared to the noble red Indian, the Aztec or others, never, we must breathe our last and not even mention it. 

Foolishly we allow our murderers to browbeat us, permit them to force our capitulation, we die at their feet without a whimper, is that it, is that all, is that fair, have we not the right to live or must we change, must we accept all others even should in doing so, we kill ourselves, then they should bow to us, they should fall at our feet, for we die so that they can live, although they could live anyway, although not in such comfort. Back to this place, this coming new Europe ,this spreading plague ,this enveloping evil, I have perhaps three miles left until the flood, three miles of barrier until we are no-more, we crowd each other, desperate to escape and still the flood, where will we run, to where, there is no-where, we have run our last, if we fall then this city has gone, fallen and not a shot fired in anger, a coalition of evil will have done what no conqueror has ever achieved, well played. 

Here the last of us hold, with no help, no reinforcements, nor even the hope of, war was never declared and now need never be, we fell because we let them fool us ,let them use our sense of fair-play, our human compassion and kill us with them. Every man has the right to live, of every colour and every creed but not one amongst the other, not this muddle of madness, this wilful travesty, as they kill us we fret over their human rights, beseech ourselves for events centuries past whilst here and now they see our end, we are as mad as a march-hare, as dead as the dodo. Some say we can even now come back from this, that we can, should we vote, change history, that evil will vacate the throne at the behest of the people, has that ever been the case, has any regime fallen through the ballot or are we broken on the anvil of tyranny already. 

Truth hurts, truth rips, truth destroys but truth is truth, in order to inhibit (and that is all we can do) the damage, we must throw them from their ivory towers, we must force change, we must engage the people in order to harness their power, we must give an alternative, we must protect them. If we fail, then quite simply we die, we are wiped from history and even then truth lies in the hands of the victor, so it may be that those non-whites who inherit this world, will always believe the lies made up by leftists, egalitarians and other interested groups, they may always believe that this battle is about hate, when it is not. 

Non-whites are taught that it is hate we are about, that hate is the motivator, the engine, hating the invader is as natural to humankind as breathing but does not equate to hating for hates sake, hating the parasite is the nature of all animals but does not mean that, should a new host or none be found, that the animal will still hate what is after all a fellow life form, such simplistic explanations seek only to inflame hate, to augment division, to direct those with a grievance at a given target, that target whites and the west. Ask yourself this, if all non-whites returned to their ancestral homelands would you hate them, would you seek their destruction or would you treat them as you wish to be treated, I say the latter. 

Then my friend you do not hate them for what they are but for what they do and that is a big difference, yet this is the hurdle, this is the stumbling block, this is the big-lie, the ultimate inhibitor, you see other influences have trained them, have brain-washed them into believing, that we hate them, that we have some kind of maniacal wish to see them gone, these influences have created, just as they have with Islam, a phoney war, a sham clash, a storm-cloud to hide behind. You see it really doesn’t matter who pays taxes, whites or non-whites the elites arrogantly believe that they can and will hang on to power regardless. 

After all they have an army, a high tech arsenal and social engineering, so can we blame them, in fact to their eyes a mono-coffee coloured world presents as less of a problem and if they can annihilate religion well… We must face the fact that we all must share this planet, that each race and creed must have a place their own, that dear reader is nationalism, oh they call it hate, they dress it up to be reviled but that is all it is, if you seek to be scared, lust to be frightened investigate their ideology, my god it’ll freeze your marrow, all of us white, black, brown or yellow are at risk, all of our belief systems, our culture and for minority groups such as whites, Japanese and so forth annihilation beckons. 

For now I will leave this, I am tired, I work long hours and little rest but I would like if I may, to elaborate upon weblog direction and the reasoning behind it, which will I am sure mean another long post, a post necessary for the reader. I would hope that those reading my ramblings will indeed pick up the fact that nationalism is far from the demon depicted in the media, I would hope that also an understanding of what nationalists are about may be formed, I am by no means an authority on nationalism, however, I have some knowledge and experience I believe worthy of imparting, thank you. 14  

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