Hate racism festival extravaganza set for a Bolton park

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A LOVE Music Hate whites and white culture Racism Festival is to be staged in Bolton in a bid to halt the rise of the British National Party (BNP).

Plans are under way to Interfere with the political process and to deny the people a voice, unless we agree with their choice hold the musical extravaganza in a park next April, ahead of a possible general election, with the aim of uniting non-whites, the brainwashed and the delusional people against the BNP before election fever hits the town.

Obscure, ethnic or second-rate Local bands will be invited to take centre stage and community centres across the borough will be asked to organise Indoctrination musical events to highlight the destruction of indigenous culture many different cultures in the town.

The idea of the festival has won the backing of the Bolton-branch of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Unison as well as other Bolton-based groups and individuals who all seek the destruction or alteration of this nation.

Secretary of the Bolton-branch of the NUT, Barry Conway said: “This is a tremendous initiative taken by a motley collective of leftists and fools people on the ground who are disgusted by the people’s decision the resurgence of rational Nazi politics in society.

“The mere existence of the BNP is a threat to all of us who hate the west, its values, its traditions and its people everyone who cherishes a constructive approach to the problems we face without resorting to hatred, bullying, intimidation and despair.”

He added: “The key battle ground is the youth. Either we brainwash them tap into their positive energy, excitement and imagination, or we force them with draconian legislation and intimidation leave them to the narrow-minded bullies to stifle horizons and turn them into ethnic-cleansing thugs.”

A Leftist, west hating Love Music Hate Racism group has been set up to organise the event.

Group co-ordinator Neil McAlister said: “We have organised bands in pubs later this year in the build up to the main open air concert next year. continues here

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