Christians 'would rather vote BNP than Labour', pastor claims

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Christians would rather vote for the British National Party than Labour because they are so disillusioned with the Government’s discrimination against them, a pastor has claimed. 

Reverend George Hargreaves, who leads the conservative Christian Party, said people were “sick” of “Labour’s anti-Christian, anti-free speech agenda and laws”.

Rev Hargreaves said: “Christians in the past may have voted Labour, but [they] have silenced Christians and their anti-traditional family policies have created a vacuum which Nick Griffin can fill."

Earlier, this week, Mr Griffin, the BNP's leader, announced he was to stand against Margaret Hodge, the culture minister, in her constituency of Barking, in east London.

Mr Griffin claimed Labour had “let the borough down in a catastrophic way”.

Rev Hargreaves said Gordon Brown should stop Mrs Hodge from seeking re-election and let his party’s candidate, Paula Watson, stand against Mr Griffin, as she had the only chance of “stopping the racist”.

Mrs Hodge has a majority of 8,883. The BNP won its first two seats in the European Parliament last June.

Last September, Shirley Chaplin, 54, a Christian nurse, felt forced to leave her job for an administrative position at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, after her managers ordered her to remove her crucifix for health and safety reasons. continues here

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