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France: Lawmakers Say Yes to New European Treaty
Emile Picy

PARIS (Reuters) - The French parliament ratified a European Union reform treaty to overhaul the bloc's institutions on Friday, nearly three years after France rejected a planned EU constitution in a referendum.

The treaty, which must win approval by all 27 EU countries to take effect, will give the bloc a long-term president, a more powerful foreign policy chief, more democratic decision-making and more say for European and national parliaments.

France is the fifth EU country after Hungary, Malta, Romania and Slovenia to ratify the so-called Treaty of Lisbon, a replacement for the constitution. Only Ireland will hold a referendum on the treaty, as required by its own constitution......Article conts (-)

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kerdasi amaq said...
19 February 2008 at 17:12

The real reason we're holding this referendum is to repeal the Constitution of Ireland as far as the EU is concerned. If any EU directive violates an Irish citizen's rights under Bunreacht na h-Eireann: the Supreme court will be forced to rule that their rights have not been violated. That in a nutshell is what this referendum is all about.

It has nothing to do with jobs or prosperity or anything else that the lying 'good Europeans' bastards say it is!

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