Cameron's 'never again' vow on EU

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David Cameron has said "never again" to powers being transferred from the UK to Brussels without a referendum.

He said all future treaties would be put to a public vote as he outlined his new European policy after ruling out a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. "We will give the British people a referendum lock to which only they should hold the key"David Cameron, Conservative Party leader 

He also promised a sovereignty bill if the Tories win the next election to "lock in" the supremacy of UK laws.

And the Tory leader vowed to repatriate powers on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, employment and criminal law.

Mr Cameron unveiled the new set of policies after abandoning a pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which is now to come into force on 1 December.

Concoct pretext

He has been accused of backtracking on a "cast iron" pledge to hold a referendum if he becomes prime minister, but he said: "I did not promise a referendum come what may, because once the Lisbon Treaty becomes law there is nothing people can do about it."

He added: "I recognise there are some who, now that we cannot have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, want a referendum on something else... anything else.

"But I just don't think it's right to concoct some new pretext for a referendum simply to have one for the sake of it."

But a Conservative government would amend the European Communities Act 1972 to prohibit the transfer of power to the EU without a referendum.

That would cover any future attempt to take Britain into the European single currency, said Mr Cameron.

"We will give the British people a referendum lock to which only they should hold the key, a commitment very similar to that which exists in Ireland," he added.

'Massive Euro bust-up'

Such a move, together with the repatriation of some powers, was "credible, doable and deliverable" and would prevent the "drift" towards a federal Europe, he argued.

Mr Cameron said the phrase "never again" would feature in the party's general election campaign and manifesto.

The sovereignty bill would act in place of a written constitution, which Britain does not have, to prevent the "drift" of EU powers into new areas and ensure the "final word on our laws is here in Britain", explained Mr Cameron.

He said he would need the agreement of all 27 EU nations to get powers back on employment law, including the working time directive, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and criminal justice.

Status quo

But he reassured other EU nations that he was not seeking a "massive Euro bust-up", stressing the situation was "complex" and would take the lifetime of a Parliament to solve.

Mr Cameron is seeking to head off a civil war in his party over Europe - and shadow foreign secretary William Hague said the proposals received "very strong support" when they were put to Tory MPs earlier.

But some Tory MPs are likely to continue demanding the public have a say on Europe.

Backbencher Douglas Carswell told the BBC News Channel: "I think we need a referendum on our relationship with Europe."

And he criticised Mr Cameron's proposals to ensure British law had primacy over EU law: "I fear that a sovereignty bill may merely institutionalise the status quo. It's the status quo that I've got a problem with."

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, which campaigns for Britain's exit from the EU, accused Mr Cameron of attempting to deceive the public on Europe.

"The true state of affairs is that we are signed up to a higher, European legal order. Renegotiation is not credible or doable. This is all too little too late," he said.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey, whose party campaigns for an "in or out" referendum from a pro-EU standpoint, said: "Cameron's confused middle way will satisfy no one.

"It combines pointless gimmicks with dangerous proposals which would mire Britain in an endless round of negotiations. continues here

Editorial :  So we are to get “a referendum lock”, how dare they lie to the British people, so many lies told so often, first a common market, merely a trading block now a supranational tyranny, all of our freedoms, our history and our autonomy gone forever, such a sad day, many carry on regardless, many have families to feed and bills to pay and after all, politicians have our best interests at heart don’t they? Anything else is a conspiracy theory, the ramblings of the extreme, yet a power grows in this world and it is not benign, not benevolent and one day those to come will awaken to utter hell, to oppression not merely on a national scale but on a  supranational.  

They lie to us, deceive us, rob us and worse and yet many vote them in, many defend them, work for them and aid them, such treacherousness, such betrayal, betrayal of all we ever were ,all we could ever be, in the interests of a minority backed-dream. Too late of course now ,they cowed Ireland, set within that small isle the scourge of the money masters, hardship loomed and survival was pressing, what of others when ones own face adversity, why it is easy to be righteous under no pressure. Certainly it is finance that has the way of it, that binds us all in a web so tight, why if not for the pressing need to feed our families ,to nurture and provide then change would come within this country, the exploited would become vengeful and exploiters seen off.

As it is they have us, at least now, here, at this time but who knows what the future heralds what chance may come into play, certainly if we can but survive against the multiracial onslaught ,last, endure, maintain and preserve, then surely we deserve to win our freedom, deserve that and more. The conservatives will win of course, win in the game, the political game, one will swap with the other, same policies just different names, the people will vote believing there is a difference and the game will continue. Today he lies, bare-faced and awful, he betrays us in so many ways but they will win, take office in due course, liberalist tyranny with barely a mandate, oh but our freedoms are gone, vanished blown away in a breeze foul, lost to us and even babes in arms, not for us a bill of rights, not for us real freedom and even those across that great expanse, across the pond, they to face the loss of freedom, if the west cannot stand against this coming tyranny then who, who is left ,who, not a one. 

There is so very much more to this than metric martyrs ,than the loss of measure or mile, so much more than simple dictate, it hasn’t risen yet but it will, no sovereignty then sweet Europe, no freedom, they take it away ,with force if they must but they take it and the people enamoured by possession, barely murmur. He knows that this ex-Bullingdon boy, versed in the ways of an elite, wholly at odds with the common man, he knows that they will never give the people a voice, never permit the rejection of their plan, their dream, the ending of their order ,why their long-march is almost over and the people dream on or struggle on more likely ,enduring because they have no choice. In the making of this nation, of this Europe of our people, there has been much blood, much bravery, men have died for coloured rags and heroes have been crafted, all for nothing it seems, it is apt they deny our children our real history, apt that they do not really know for they would tear down that house of treason, make use the lampposts and usher in a renaissance.

Cameron knows full well that the deed is done, that he may promise anything and it matters not, we have not had autonomy in this country for quite some time, today merely places a seal upon it ,creates simply new office for the egocentric, for the duplicitous and for the scheming that is all, our freedom was lost long ago. Some kid themselves, don’t they, play the party game, gain power and change it all, yet in playing one is immediately at a disadvantage and after all they know your plan your game, they simply move to meet you and continue their evil, continue playing with the people growing fat off their toil, a sad day indeed, the seal is set but we had little in the way of freedom anyway. 

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