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Race-hate report dismissed by CST

BRITAIN is still a safe country for Jews, despite an Israeli government report to the contrary.

This is the claim of the Community Security Trust following a report of the Israeli government / Jewish Agency monitoring forum of world antisemitism which states that the UK suffered more antisemitic incidents than any other European country.

But the CST reckons that its own analysis of antisemitic incidents, based on detailed local reporting, presents a more accurate picture. The CST's own annual report is to be published on February 14.

A CST spokesman said: "The Israeli report is a welcome analysis of global trends, but the UK statistics reflect the quality of local reporting mechanisms as well as the actual number of incidents."

He added: "There is no doubt that incident levels have risen significantly over the last ten years in Britain as elsewhere, but Jewish life in Britain remains overwhelmingly positive, and it is wrong to perceive this as a country that is not safe for Jews.

"Nevertheless, we are fully alert to the dangers that these recent antisemitic trends pose to our well being, and we are working with a Government Task Force to address the situation."

The Israeli report said that France and Ukraine were also countries where antisemitism was "worrying",

However, worldwide the number of antisemitic incidents was shrinking following a rise in the wake of the Second Lebanon War,

Germany, it said, saw a rise in incidents. But the numbers were still much lower than in France and Britain.

In Latin America, where there was an increase in the wake of the Hezbollah war, there was now a "noticeable" return to previous levels.

The report is not a rigorous study but rather a compilation made by the Jewish Agency of findings gathered from the Jewish Agency situation room, the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem and Jewish communities worldwide......Article conts (-)

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