Nicholas Soames in battle with BNP for using Churchill to promote party

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Tory MP Nicholas Soames is fighting the British National Party to stop them using his grandfather Winston Churchill's face on one of its promotion leaflets.

Mr Soames said he was taking "all possible steps" to prevent the far-right wing party using the wartime prime minister's image on a leaflet entitled "This Britain is Yours!".

The 61-year-old said he was "disgusted" by the BNP's use of a photograph of his grandfather to push its so-called Battle For Britain election campaign.

However, the BNP has refused to remove the picture, claiming that Churchill had "strong views on immigration" and would have voted for them were he still alive.

The leaflet, handed out to people across Britain, states: "Millions of our ancestors gave their lives to ensure you have the freedom to enjoy."

It then declares in capital letters "YOUR COUNTRY YOUR LAND YOUR HOME", before continuing "Do not betray their sacrifice!".

Mr Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, said: "I am outraged and appalled by the use of the picture by the BNP.

” They have no right to use my grandfather's name, who would have thought them a vile bunch....”

"They have no right to use my grandfather's name, who would have thought them a vile bunch.

"I am taking what steps I can and so is my family to see what can be done to prevent the name being used.

"I deplore the BNP action. It is a disgrace and I hope that anyone who looks at the adverts will find them repulsive."

Simon Darby, the deputy leader of the BNP, refused to amend the leaflet.

He said: "Mr Soames can sing and dance all he likes, we will not be removing Winston Churchill from our campaign.

"If Winston was around today he would be deemed a racist. He had some very strong views on immigration and if he was here today and had a choice of voting Tory or BNP I think he'd vote for us. continues here

You have to wonder just why did, the British National Party, use an image of a vile war-monger, a man who by all accounts, delighted in an unnecessary war, a war that caused the deaths of many millions. Make no mistake, “regardless of what they tell you”, the war was not fought for our freedoms, not fought to make us great but to bring down the empire and take the Great out of Great Britain. We have never recovered, never again would Britannia rule the waves, would Britain be a force in this world, instead we are but a satellite state of America and they in turn controlled by others.

Yet there is a streak within politics a certain breed, that hold fast to the false patriotism represented by Churchill, they reside in a world in which most do not, for them it was a glorious war, a war for freedom and for the greater good, it matters not the lies told to force the war, “a situation we of all are now familiar with” but only that flags were waved and pomp and ceremony played out. Yet if not for that war where would we be, what world would we live in, would we still face Armageddon, still face our end and the death of the west or would power rest in Europe safe from neoconservatives and indeed their puppet masters.

Placing absolute power within one country permits only one theatre of attack, one sphere in which to scheme, one castle to breach and one authority to corrupt, we see this now as the American people face their ruination, as their very culture slips away, as vast hordes assail them for entry and others dictate policy, America now is dying her purpose served, now as we she totters, struggles to stand and we of all people know her plight. For it was not long ago that we were a world power, that we were hated, that we fought wars for mammon’s minions, we to faced enemies vast and we to, descended.

Now we fight wars by proxy, for others, or has it always been, soon America will realise, that she fights not for her betterment but at the whim of others, as did we, Churchill led us yet it is who led him ,who showed him the path, illuminated his way and brought us down. No the use of this image is wrong, it sells to conservatism, to the Tories but never to nationalists, we cannot relate, not when we know the truth of the matter and the blood split in evils name.

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