Anand Jon is victim of US racism, says sister

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New Delhi, Aug 18 (IANS) Sanjana Jon, sister of jailed Indian-American fashion designer Anand Jon, Tuesday pleaded the government to extradite her brother for a fair trial because "being an Indian in the US, I know we won't get justice".

Anand Jon, who dressed celebrities like Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton, was arrested in the US in 2007 on charges of raping more than a dozen models. He has been in jail for the last 30 months. "I am here not only as Anand's sister but as an Indian who is suffering because we are just guilty by colour..."

Sanjana is in India to fight for justice to "innocent" Anand, who she said was "held in solidarity confinement".

"We have been subjected to racism. Even mass murderers are not treated that way, the way Anand is treated in jail," she told the media.

"All I want is that the government should intervene and do something to save my brother who has been suffering due to racism and indiscrimination towards Indians," Sanjana said.

"I am here not only as Anand's sister but as an Indian who is suffering because we are just guilty by colour. Anand deserves a fair trial and the only way to get that is by extraditing him back to India," she said.

Sanjana broke down in tears when a presentation on her brother was shown to the media.

"I am fighting this battle of saving my brother all alone. Today my life is running between jail and courtroom but the irony is that I am sure that no justice will be given to my brother," a teary-eyed Sanjana said.

"Being an Indian in the US, I know that we won't get justice and that's why I am here to ask for the support of the government and everyone to come forward and support me," she added.

Anand is going for another trial Aug 31, where he might be convicted for lifetime.

"I don't have that much time. If the government doesn't come forward, then it would be responsible for hurting and losing three people (Anand and his mother and sister)," she said.

Sanjana threatened to go on a hunger strike if her plea was not heeded to.

"I will go on a hunger strike if the government doesn't listen to any of my pleas. I wouldn't be here if I didn't know that my brother was innocent," Sanjana maintained.

Designers Leena Singh, Samanth Chauhan, Charu Parashar were present to show solidarity.

"I am here to support Sanjana. We are not here to give our opinion about what is right and what is wrong but as a part of fashion fraternity," Parashar told IANS. continues here

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