Sadistic pair jailed for horrific rape of young mum

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Two knife-wielding burglars who gang-raped a young mother in her home as her young son begged them to stop have been locked up.

The drink and drug-fuelled pair took turns to rape the woman after horrifically killing the child’s pet in front of him.

Mansoor Shah, 18, of Glenlee Road, Great Horton, Bradford, was locked up indefinitely for taking the leading role.

Judge Jonathan Rose said Shah had taken “revolting pleasure” in the sadistic abuse of a terrified young woman.

Stefan Reed, 17, of Lister Avenue, West Bowling, Bradford, was sent to detention for nine years. Both pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary on November 10 last year and raping the woman twice.

Judge Rose said the break-in while the 22-year-old mother and her son slept was motivated by revenge and lust.

He told the teenagers, both handcuffed in the dock at Bradford Crown Court: “You took part in criminality so wicked, so cruel and so brutal that it will stagger and revolt all right-thinking people.”

Shah and Reed broke into the woman’s bedroom armed with kitchen knives.

Peter Moulson, prosecuting, said Shah put the mother through a six-hour ordeal after a row over a party. He threatened to “slice her up”.

Shah tried to force her to drink bleach and made her down vodka, then beat the child’s pet against a wall and stabbed it.

He shattered tubes from a sunbed and threatened to smash one over the woman’s head as her son screamed and begged, Mr Moulson said.

He tied them together with flex and struck her with a claw hammer, pulling out her hair.

He stabbed her after Reed, who laughed during her ordeal, insulted him. The pair ransacked the house, daubing it in paint.

They each raped the woman twice while the other stayed with the boy. She did not scream because she did not want her son to hear, the court was told.

The pair lit a gas ring and tried to set the kitchen on fire. While they were distracted, the woman fled the house with her son.

Reed had rings stolen from the woman on him when the pair were arrested the same day. continues here

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