'Birmingham wants football not fascism' says NASUWT

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The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, utterly deplores the English Defence League’s (EDL’s) attempt to exploit the England V Slovenia football match in Birmingham by using it as an opportunity to promote their vile racist agenda.

The group is planning a rally in the city on Saturday 5 September in order to spread their evil Islamophobic views among football supporters. The NASUWT is lending its full support to Unite Against Fascism’s (UAF’s) opposing action on the same day.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Birmingham is renowned for being a harmonious, multicultural city and has greatly benefited from its diverse mix of inhabitants. The people of Birmingham simply don’t want these violent political thugs disrupting their community cohesion.

“By timing their rally for the day of the England football match, the EDL is clearly attempting to convert ordinary football fans, many of them families, who simply want to see the national team play in their home city.

“We applaud the initiative of UAF in organising a peaceful promotion of racial harmony under the heading of ‘Birmingham United’. We will be urging our members to support this nonviolent event.continues here

EDITOR'S Comment: It is not just the reprehensible left that oppose this Zionist front group but all true nationalists, as in the article highlighted below, even the BNP, themselves infiltrated by Zion, oppose this protest (sic) so to claim that this is a “far-right” or BNP initiative is rather old-hat, considering that nationalism is united to in its condemnation. We oppose also groups such as the NASUWT and UAF ,who are in themselves nothing more then front groups for Communism, the concept of a union is a good thing, the working man is open to exploitation by avaricious capitalists, however, all unions today are fronts for communism and as such are enemies of the body-politic, the common people.

As nationalists we oppose hatred for hatreds sake, we believe that all races, creeds and colours should exist in peace, however, such a peace can only occur with a return to normality, a return to natures way, rather than the enforced appalling system we see now today. Forcing this agenda through, detrimentally affects all races and creeds, although due to our minority position it affects whites perhaps more severely, yet true nationalists are not blinded by colour, not beset by Zion’s agenda, we recognise for instance that the east is beset by a terrible foe, that the sub-Saharan basin and its people is and has been, completely exploited by greedy capitalism, as such we oppose such actions, contrary to neo-Tory-nationalism.

So at a stroke we recognise the various interests at play here and regrettably none work in the peoples interests, unfortunately the EDL protest will have many genuine supporters, many aggrieved individuals, bravely protesting against evil, yet I have to tell you today that you are led, led by a terrible force, a force hell-bent upon global government and ultimate power, it is in your interest and the interest of your children to join with true nationalists in opposing such a terrible foe. Quite perversely all groups contain individuals led by evil, even the left contain individuals that desire only to combat evil, they have been trained to view nationalism as such, yet true nationalism desires no concentration camps or any of the other rubbish stated by the malevolent left, it desires peace amongst peoples ,yet the return of our mother Europe.

This is a battle for all peoples, for all creeds and for all nations, yet to oppose nationalism, in this or indeed any other country, is to oppose the peoples fight-back, the peoples only hope. Strange then it is that Islam marshals its forces against our people ,even as their own face a similar fate at the hands of globalism, strange that those that consider themselves fighting for Islam, fight against peoples who oppose the very same forces. True Muslims would live and reside within Islamic nations, not reject their culture and system to live in the land of the unbeliever, true muslims would stand with their brothers against globalisation, rather than opposing individuals that fight to regain their land.

It is for this reason that Islam within Europe is an enemy, not because of its belief system per-se but because it thwarts our peoples autonomy, inhibits our culture and seeks to impose its own values upon an unwilling people. Why your leaders do not speak out about the rapes upon white girls, about the unruly mobs that maraud at will in many of our towns and cities and why your leaders do not tell you truth, that to be here, to reside within Europe, is both contrary to Islam reaching and indeed an aid to the agenda. It is quite true that much of what now passes for nationalism is purely anti-Islamic, led by Zion as it is but I can tell you, that what you perceive to be nationalism is nothing of the sort, it is a Frankenstein, a monster, an agenda malign, directed against nationalism to destroy it.

Yet as long as true nationalism lives, as long as Zion is kept at bay, as long as we cling to our traditional values, our peoples still have chance, still have hope, we do not and will not support the sending of troops to your lands, what right have we to do so, we deplore the desecration of your holy places, the attacks upon your people and fight against the very forces that send our young men to die. However, we will oppose you bitterly should you attack our people, colonise our land and undermine our way of life, Islam cannot win in this, cannot proceed to create constantly enemies and hope to survive, do we as you not have the right to live in peace within our own countries, do not our women have the right to walk in safety, is not our culture and tradition as valued to us as yours is to you.

Yet today young Muslims will take to the streets in a land not their own, they will if chance permits attack whites, they will stand with and indeed be marshalled by the far-left, a force that regards religion as a nonsense, that seeks to destroy all religions in the cause of their quite terrible, murderous agenda. Given chance they would turn upon you, fight you mercilessly and you them, yet you will side with them today against peoples denied their rights, attacked and colonised. Nationalism and indeed western peoples pick no fight with Islam but be under no illusions should you pick a fight with us, you will get one, true nationalism has not shown its hand, has not as yet marshalled its forces, what you see is only Zionism, yet we, as indeed you, must protect our people.

Such a shame, three different forces upon the field, individuals used by the same force, each believe erroneously that they fight evil whilst evil rubs its hands in glee, it is as if none can see, as if all that take to the field cannot or indeed will not, look back and see the puppeteers. Still fate is fate and if it is the case that true nationalism has been forced to coalesce, forced to come together against evil then we shall see, yet do not expect the trifling rubbish of neo-Tory-nationalism, true nationalism recognises and fights all of our peoples enemies, no matter which banner they choose to fight under. We would hope that peace would reign, that sense would prevail, yet this is not forthcoming and is therefore only a dream, today all mans enemy will marshal its troops and they will fall into line, remember we are watching growing and waiting and true nationalism is far, far from dead, choose your side wisely…

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