Danish police arrest 17 after Copenhagen riots

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Danish police arrest 17 after Copenhagen riots

Seventeen youths were arrested following a fourth night of riots in a predominantly immigrant area of Copenhagen where dozens of cars were set ablaze, Danish police said Thursday. "Around 100 to 200 youths spread out over several Copenhagen neighborhoods, setting fire to many garbage bins and some 50 cars," a police spokesman in the capital, Flemming Steen Munch, told AFP......Article conts (-)

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'Zero tolerance' approach to rioters

A combination of boredom, irritation over increased police presence and the reprinted Mohammed cartoons may be an explanation to the prolonged rioting

Last weekend's disturbances in the Nørrebro district have sparked off nation-wide riots and the justice minister is now calling for a zero tolerance approach.

Lene Espersen, the justice minister, called the latest wave of riots in several Danish cities 'completely unacceptable'.

She warned that harsher penalties would be in store for trouble-makers and urged parents of the youths to take action. However, the authorities had a role to play in preventive measures as well, she admitted.

'It is shocking and worrying that this kind of thing is happening,' she told public broadcaster, DR.

'We must have a zero tolerance approach to young offenders. They must realise that their actions have serious consequences,' she continued.

Per Larsen, Copenhagen police operations chief, called the recent riots a 'vicious circle'.

'At the moment, nothing seems to point in the direction of organised rioting, but it seems that we are in a situation where there is risk of this spreading like a wildfire,' he said.

He also denied any allegation that the police may have provoked the situation referring to commentators stating that increased police presence and new search zones in Nørrebro had allegedly sparked off the first of the rioting last weekend......Article conts (-)

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