Bakery killing 'followed fight'

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Schoolboy Jimmy Mizen was fatally injured when a fight broke out in a bakery, an eyewitness told a court.

Philip Lloyd told the Old Bailey that an "extremely aggressive" Jake Fahri, 19, punched Jimmy's older brother Harry in the bakery in Lee, south London.

In retaliation 16-year-old Jimmy and his brother charged at Mr Fahri and hit him on the head, the court heard.

Jimmy bled to death when he was hit in the neck with a glass dish. Mr Fahri denies the murder on 10 May last year.

'Violently abusing'

Giving evidence Mr Lloyd said he left the bakery to call the police as the confrontation escalated.

Mr Lloyd said Mr Fahri challenged the brothers to a fight.

"The accused was verbally and violently abusing Jimmy Mizen," he said.

The argument turned into a fight when Mr Fahri hit the brothers with a plastic cold drinks bottle, but they retaliated when Harry Mizen, 19, was punched on the cheek.

"They charged at him and ran into him and careered him across the shop. They hit him on the head a couple of times," he said.

All three crashed into a cake display and the brothers shoved the accused out of the shop, but Mr Fahri smashed the bakery's glass door with an advertising sign and came back in.

"He was jabbing the sign towards them like a lion tamer. I saw Jimmy Mizen grab the end of the advertising sign and get hold of it," Mr Lloyd said.

When he left the shop to call police he met another of the schoolboy's brothers, 27-year-old Tommy Mizen, and as he explained what was happening the accused came out of the store.

Mr Lloyd said: "He was walking with a swagger.

"Tommy chased after him. He could not catch him."

Tara Gaynor, a passer-by, told the jury: "When he ran past me he had a big grin on his face.

"That is something I distinctly remember... He was smiling. It was disturbing."

Earlier in the trial Tommy Mizen described how he followed a "trail of blood" which led him to his injured brother who collapsed in his arms soon after. continues here

"He was walking with a swagger”, "When he ran past me he had a big grin on his face, "That is something I distinctly remember... He was smiling. It was disturbing." How

"He was walking with a swagger"

long, just how long, must we put up with this, put up with the bully, the thug and the murderer, how many more parents to lose a son, a daughter, a loved one, yet we must not speak, must not utter condemnation least we be labelled a hater. Yet if we do not speak out who will, which of them, those that infest the House of Commons will defend us on the floor, how many now will advocate for the law-abiding, the decent, the oppressed.

Are you not sick of it, the betrayal, the lying, the wilful neglect of duty and the abject abandonment of the people, to the predator, it is everywhere, everywhere we look, violence, mayhem and disorder, so many killed, so many butchered, yet nothing is done, oh whites are not angels, there are plenty of the deranged amongst our number, yet we would have them anyway but the likes of Jake Fahri would they be here to murder schoolboys in bakeries, would so much blood be shed.

There are many places now upon the web where the information is presented, many

"When he ran past me he had a big grin on his face.”

based upon the “Fallen List” an idea first conceptualised by the National Front, strangely their “Fallen List” is no longer available however, for all that the information is getting out there. Recently the BNP produced a leaflet and supporters of the party maintain “The Fallenlist” site, there is also the “Incidence Map Project”, as highlighted on this site. It is hoped that in the future, the project may be incorporated on this site, especially now we are all back on board, for now please visit the site, witness for yourself the causalities of warped idealism, ethnic malice and governmental dereliction.

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