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Tom Whitehead

MIGRANTS settling in clusters in Britain’s suburbs could lead to tensions there, the Govern-ment has admitted.

Settled migrants are moving into the outer communities as new arrivals continue to flock to our inner cities.

The warning came in a Cabinet Office paper, backed by the Prime Minister, which also admits that Labour’s open-door policy will pile pressure on local services.

“Most new migrants move into places populated by previous cohorts of immigrants or ethnic minorities,” the paper stated.

“At the same time, there are changes in the residential patterns of the settled majority, where past migrants and minorities move out of the inner cities into the suburbs.

“This may lead to the creation of new clusters, and in some circumstances this can lead to negative reactions from local residents.” It added: “Increasing diversity can provide challenges to integration and cohesion.” The document, with an introduction by Gordon Brown, said Britain will continue to see more people arriving than leaving – and public services will feel the impact.....Article conts (-)

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