Kirk Reid: Children's football coach guilty of stalking and sexually assaulting 25 women

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Kirk Reid, a children's football coach, has been convicted of stalking and sexually assaulting 25 women in London over 12 years.

Reid, 44, pounced on his victims as they made their way home from nights out in the Balham, Clapham and Tooting areas of south west London.

An independent investigation is under way into police blunders after it emerged Reid was not arrested until four years after he was made a suspect.

The college head chef, who was found guilty by a jury at Kingston Crown Court on Thursday, admitted a further two indecent assaults.

He was also found guilty of raping a woman he grabbed on the street in March 2002 and an unconnected rape of a woman in a flat in 1995.

But police believe he is a serial sex predator behind at least 71 attacks on women.

Investigators suspect he could be responsible for dozens more attacks that have not been reported and have launched a helpline for potential victims.

After reporting restrictions were lifted, it can now be revealed that Reid repeatedly slipped through the police net during a series of blunders.

Officers in Wandsworth borough identified that a repeat sex attacker was on the loose in September 2002 and identified Reid as a suspect in February 2004.

But despite Reid crossing their radar on several further occasions he was not held until January 2008 when Scotland Yard detectives took over the case.

Police believe Reid preyed on at least 20 more women during the four-year gap. The missed opportunities to bring him to justice included:

:: December 2002 – A patrol speaks to Reid and submits an intelligence report after a member of the public told them he had been following a woman in Clapham.

:: January 2004 – Officers fail to act when a man dials 999 and gives the details of Reid's car in connection with a mystery attack on a woman in the street.

:: February 2004 – Reid is identified as a suspect in the ongoing sex attacks after he is stopped for tooting his horn at a woman in the street.

:: April to December 2007 – Reid's red VW Golf is checked nine times by suspicious officers as it cruises around south west London late at night.

Detectives at Scotland Yard's homicide and serious crime command took just hours to identify Reid as a prime suspect once the case was handed over in January 2008.

They ordered that his DNA be collected and as colleagues swabbed his cheek he told them: "I have nothing to worry about."

Five days later his reign of terror was brought to an end as it matched profiles on file since two indecent assaults in 2001 and a rape in 2002.

Commander Mark Simmonds, who has overall responsibility for investigating serious sex attacks, said an inquiry was conducted into police failings.

He said: "As a result of that review I have significant concerns over a number of aspects of this history of this case.

"In January I referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for them to conduct an investigation into the police response."

Mr Simmons said he was specifically concerned about the "length of time" between the identification of Reid as a suspect and his arrest.

He admitted the blunders, combined with other failings in tracing rapist taxi driver John Worboys, could seriously dent the confidence of sex attack victims in the police.

Reid will be sentenced later this year after undergoing psychiatric assessment.

He is likely to face a lengthy custodial sentence, the court heard.

Judge Shani Barnes praised the efforts of the officers who finally brought Reid to justice after years of blunders.

She said: "I now have some observations about the unfortunate period of time these matters were allowed to continue through the years.

"Most importantly, I will be having something to say about the excellent efforts of the Serious Crime Directorate under the guidance of Detective Inspector Justin Davies, who, after years of inadequate work, he and his team went back to the beginning and, through brilliant police work, finally brought this matter to the courts."

She also commended the bravery of Reid's victims.

She said: "I will be making observations on sentence about the complainants in this case and their bravery in coming back, some of whom had put this behind them many years ago."

The offences took place in three clusters along the A24 corridor, close to Clapham South, Balham and Tooting Bec Tube stations.

Reid stalked the route of the 155 night bus, a service used by many people heading home from nights out in central London that passes several Tube stations.

Oyster card records revealed he often used the bus himself but police also discovered he used his car to prowl the streets at night.

Reid waited until his victims walked into quiet and leafy side streets before grabbing them from behind.

The keen athlete used his strength and 6ft 2ins height to overpower the women and drag them onto the ground.

He violently groped inside their underwear while clamping his other hand tightly over their mouth during attacks that lasted up to three minutes.

If they fought back, screamed and shouted or if he was disturbed he would sprint away towards the nearest main road.

Many of Reid's victims had been out drinking and the majority were slight women dressed in skirts and high heels.

Some were assaulted just yards from their front doors as they were distracted by looking for their keys or as they texted friends to say they were home safely.

His first victim, who was six months pregnant, fought him off with an umbrella after he followed her into a lift at her block of flats.

One woman was raped after Reid pounced on a deserted landing leading up to her Battersea flat.

It emerged during the trial that Reid's police constable half-brother Roger played an important role in bringing him to justice.

The Met officer said Reid confessed to the crimes during a conversation they had through a glass partition in cells at a magistrates court.

He said Reid was sat in the cell with a "sheepish" and "pathetic" expression, and suddenly said: "I did it."

The police officer replied, "What all of of it?" Reid said: "Yeah, they found DNA, something about a scratch."

But the evidence was tarnished by revelations Roger Reid misled civilian custody staff to get access to his relative.

Roger Reid also told two women who claimed they were raped by Reid to contact specialist officers.

Detective Inspector Justin Davies, who led the investigation, said Reid is an extremely dangerous man.

He said: "On each occasion the focus of the indecent assault is to grab the vaginal area or to attempt digital penetration with his fingers.

"No attempt is made of any other sexual attack on the breasts or bottom or attempt to access them.

"There is very little speech and very little violence used other than to control them.

"At any point when the victim responds by screaming, or tries to fight him off, he will run away." continues here

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