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A RACIAL battle of Trafalgar is set to rage today with white Brits and Muslims warring on London’s streets.

Scores of Islamic followers are due to march to Trafalgar Square, where they plan to hold a rally in support of oppressed Palestinians.

But up to 500 white Brits, many from far right organisations, have vowed to descend on the annual Al Quds Day event.

The English Defence League, who have sparked a series of riots with Asian youths in recent weeks, are among those hell-bent on disrupting the rally.

And yesterday Islamic extremist Anjem Choudhary stoked tension ahead of the clash by delivering a personal challenge to the EDL.

Laying down the gauntlet to the group, he promised to continue in his fight to get Sharia law implemented in the UK and the flag of Islam “flying high over 10 Downing Street”Tommy Robinson from the EDL said of the Al Quds Day demonstration: “Every year they chant terrorist slogans and they have the black flag of al-Qaida flying in Trafalgar Square.

“When British soldiers are dying, we can not allow people to move through the streets promoting this organisation. It’s an insult to our soldiers.

“English people and British people have a right to defend our towns and cities."

The groups Stop The Islamisation Of Europe and March For England will join the counter-demonstration by the EDL, whose emergence Communities Secretary John Denham has compared to the rise of fascism in the 1930s. More than 15 Muslim organisations are due to march from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square, where Islamic speakers will preach.

Raza Kazim from the Islamic Human Rights Commission said: “When incitement to hatred is going on from the other side, our intention is not to respond – but obviously I cannot guarantee that no one is going to react.  continues here

Above: does the event advertised look like an attack upon the west and therefore in need of opposition

EDITOR'S Comment: You see this is the Rubicon that true nationalists cannot cross, we quite simply cannot and indeed should not oppose a pro-Palestinian march, to do so plays completely to a Zionist agenda and paradoxically leads to the continued slaughter of “our boys”, in a war not in our interest. True nationalism has I feel, decided to take an interest in this ongoing situation, however this may be covered in a later article, suffice to say these are not pleasant times and the situation has developed so that even we must consider reaction, even though we recognise again the hand of Zion. It is true that we have recognised this for some time ,on this weblog AAWR has been unashamedly truthful, yet as they desire tensions have built up to the stage whereby the white community must now consider its defence.

Still perhaps I’ll have more to say later on or simply leave the article altogether, as patriots can read it on the website anyway, therefore the blog is somewhat redundant. Still today is quite strangely a watershed moment, it is the moment when Zion leads true patriots in their chosen direction, publicly, certainly one can argue that this is no new thing however, for the first time assailed and angry whites will be led away from a traditional stance and set loose against those protesting a legitimate grievance. Yet the rhetoric used will be to remove terrorists from our streets, however in many ways these so-called terrorists fight as doe’s true nationalism for liberation.

So I ask what would you do, if your children were slaughtered, your home destroyed and your community forced to live in appalling conditions, at one stage here and now in the 21st century, inhabitants of Gaza were forced to live for some time without electricity because Israel had refused fuel supplies. Of course many well-fired-up angry young whites will simply not care, “their pakis”, which is exactly the reaction pro-Zionists and anti-western Mohammedans require. It is a win-win situation as both get exactly what it needs and whitey loses.

Still true nationalism seems to be just a voice in the wilderness, a little heard voice here at home where it needs to be heard, so we have the really quite remarkable situation whereby working class white boys are used twice by Zion in the first instance to serve in HMAF and fight in needless wars and in the second for the pro-Zionist cause upon our streets, yet we true nationalists have no choice, for all the knowledge ,the realisation of game-plan, those are our people attacked and so we must defend, again pawns in the game but at least aware pawns. I would hope that our young men turn away from this today, that commonsense prevails but it is a forlorn hope and true nationalism suffers yet another defeat, where the hell are the leaders, the voices, where, tell them the truth don’t let them suffer attack and be used.

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