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I had an interesting day yesterday, firstly I was approached by a young man over workplace bullying, he had the temerity, to wish to date a muslim girl and they, the workplace bullies objected. The second case involved another young man, who related to me at some length, the ongoing battle transpiring, between Hindu’s and Muslims in this city, in both cases the young men in question were non-white, yet still, contrary to the multicultural utopia depicted in the media, clashes between groups still occur. Quite simply by forcing such disparity into such a small space, it would be surprising if it did not, however, for whites this is a frightening future, a nightmarish prospect, we disinherited, out-numbered and regrettably out-gunned, will suffer appallingly at the hands of others. 

Non-whites have been taught that whites have historically acted in a quite evil manner, that whites preyed upon and exploited non-whites in an inconceivable number of ways; this in itself is enough for our descendents to suffer mistreatment but couple it with the racial and cultural frictions that will inevitably develop and one can see that those to come have been placed in jeopardy. If as I have related, non-whites should clash so heavily, then surely add the racial factor and the future is bleak, in speaking to the Hindu chap, I asked if, “ it was safe for him to walk in a majority Muslim area”, he told me that it was but that for me, it would be dangerous, that should I endeavour to, then attack may result.  

So we are considerably past the “whip-hand” stage as envisioned by Enoch Powell, now we are at the skirmish stage, the stage in which future conflict will be solidified, the stage at which historical enmity is created. Yet we cannot win, for all our talk, our bluff and bluster ,we here and now grow old, it is those to come that must endure for the mistakes of the few, or were they mistakes, certainly this enforcement of political correctness appears planned, as indeed does the importation of millions of non-whites into white countries, regardless of the evitable friction such a policy creates, it is my belief therefore, that this genocidal policy has been schemed, engineered and we the people remain voiceless. 

Currently events conspire against orthodoxy, against enforced diversity and the new order, I would not go so far as to say the people are awakening, however, there are a number of problems, that when taken together, present an extreme problem to the state. Yet there is a hierarchical structure, an often complex structure to unravel, yet tied in with the state, within this structure resides the far-left, those would-be revolutionaries, consistently denied by the people. Currently all the signs are that nationalism, albeit with a populist edge, will grow, that a great many disillusioned individuals will flock to the banner, this inevitably concerns the state, its puppet-masters and adherents of leftism. 

They can see that their “music concerts”, leaflets, smears and lies are not working and are not liable to work, more especially given that many more people now know the lie of diversity for what it is, so as is the way with the left, they discard their humanitarian, “we love everybody”, persona and once again, step into their Chenka character, their real persona. As outlined numerous times on this site, the left start out as supposed benign carers and end up murderous killers, after all is it not the left who killed 36 million human beings in their Gulag system. Is it not the left that enforce alien ways upon all cultures at point of gun, nothing has changed, now the left can read the writing on the wall and it is not to their liking, not consistent with their plan. 
Yesterday a small BNP team were violently attacked, their equipment wrecked and an activist hospitalised, they were attacked by an estimated thirty strong mob, wielding hammers and other assorted weapons. It would seem therefore that the relentless attack upon the forces of good has moved on to a new level, that again leftists seek to enforce their system, a system rejected by the people, a dead system that I and other like-minded individuals will contest until our dying day. There can be no place for Marxism, communism or any other form of leftist rubbish, it is an evil, a ogre, a murderous monster that devours nations and murders its peoples en=masse. 

Nationalism on the other hand has not been rejected by the people, quite simply because we are not given an equal voice, not given a platform, yet for all that our core beliefs are shared by the vast majority of people, from all walks of life. This system is corrupt, wicked and inevitably genocidal, which should come as no surprise considering that a large majority of sitting MP’s were in earlier times ardent communists. Supporters of the very system that killed millions of people, the very ideology, that suppresses freedom, the very poison that corrupts nations and sets one against the other. 

We cannot and must not give in to them, we must not yield to evil, nationalism at its very core supports, protects and aids its people and we shall continue to do so, below I have posted a BBC news report on the savage attack upon a BNP activist, an unwarranted attack, I may have issues about his lifestyle choice, however this attack could have occurred against any nationalist, report below. 14

BNP member attacked with hammer

A British National Party (BNP) member was attacked with a hammer when protesters arrived at a campaign event in Greater Manchester.

Violence broke out as 30 people surrounded a BNP vehicle outside the Ellesmere Pub in St Helens Road in Leigh on Friday evening.

Tony Ward, 48, was hit with a hammer and later treated in hospital.

A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm, Greater Manchester Police said.

Officers arrived at the pub to discover the BNP's trailer had been overturned, said a police spokesman.

A traffic diversion was put in place on St Helen's Road, while the trailer was removed and the road was closed. It has since reopened.

One witness told BBC News: "They had hammers and they smacked the vehicle to pieces, smashed all the windows and tore off the bumper, completely decimated it.

"I was shocked at what I saw."

A BNP fundraising event had been due to take place at Pure nightclub in Leigh, but it was cancelled at the last minute.

Simon Darby, the party's deputy leader said: "This was a violent attack by a group of thugs in which one of our members was badly injured.

"But we will not be put off." continues here

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